Light DV Series

The Nest Light DV Series, combining fluid head with premium aluminium made legs, are your perfect choice when you only have light rigs but are still sensitive to vibrations and jerky movement. Furthermore, the adjustable central column can be smoothly control by the hand crank, leaving no boundaries for creativity. The hook at the bottom of the central column allows you to add weight to the tripod, which make you more confident in strong winds and harsh environments.
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Model Sections Max.D. Max.H. Min.H. Folded H. N.W. Max.load
NT-550 4 20mm 1500 465mm 490mm 910g 3.5kg
NT-570 4 23mm 1620mm 510mm 535mm 1020g 3.5kg
NT-580 4 26 1700mm 535mm 560mm 1360g 4.0kg
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