Pioneer series

Nest Pioneer series is a stylish aluminum tripods, provide greater stability and strength compare to traditional tripods.
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Model Sections Max.D. Max.H. Min.H. Folded H. N.W. Max.load
NT-235K 5 23mm 1370mm 230mm 300mm 1140g 5kg
NT-234K 4 23mm 1370mm 230mm 330mm 1135g 5kg
NT-234BK 4 23mm 1430mm 280mm 330mm 1405g 5kg
NT-264K 4 26mm 1500mm 270mm 400mm 1450g 10kg
NT-264BK 4 26mm 1540mm 300mm 400mm 1635g 10kg
NT-263K 3 26mm 1500mm 280mm 460mm 1460g 10kg
NT-294K 4 29mm 1640mm 280mm 440mm 1820g 15kg
NT-293K 3 29mm 1640mm 300mm 500mm 1850g 15kg
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